Operating since 1940 in the Heavy Clay Industry, Bonfanti S/A delivers the highest quality products and solutions, always investing in new engineering solutions and international technology partnerships.

Market leader in the sector, Bonfanti S/A offers solutions for potters with machinery and equipment for the preparation, mixing, extrusion, drying and burning of high-quality products, with small to large production.

It has a technical staff specialized in the production of heacy clay products – engineering and technical assistance, as well as foundry, machining and assembly with a present and partner sales team, as well as an inventory and spare parts store, ensuring reliability.

Bonfanti S/A has been concerned about the quality of its products, and in 1950 it launched the first Bonfanti vacuum extruders.

In the 1970s, it began to produce vacuum aggregates, which guarantee a higher quality product.

Over time and due to the need for increased production and continuous improvement, Bonfanti S/A started to offer machinery and equipment with production ranging from approximately 7 ton/ h to 60 ton/ h of wet matter.

In 2002, Bonfanti offered to the market the monoblock extruders, reaching productions ranging from 7 ton/ h to 60 ton/ h. It also started to work in the automation of the entire production process in partnership with an Italian company.

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Valuing the smooth operation of machinery and equipment and meeting the needs of its customers, Mecânica Bonfanti S/A has a technical support team that operates “on-site” or remotely to solve any questions or problems.

Contact us and request the visit of our technicians to your factory!

Parts of all ceramic production equipment, in contact with clay, are naturally worn and need constant maintenance and replacement.

Parts that do not come into contact with clay can also become worn over time and by machine operation, requiring maintenance or replacement.

To meet this need, Mecânica Bonfanti S/A has an inventory of spare parts and a specialized service team.



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