bomba vacuo 2


The Vacuum Pump is used to generate vacuum (absence of air) in an airtight chamber, expelling the removed air out to the atmosphere.
It is critical for installation of Vacuum Extruders/Mills aimed to produce bricks, roof tiles, ceramic blocks, etc. since vacuum is utmost important for the quality of extruded material.

The most marketed types of vacuum pumps are: ring, liquid and oil-based vacuum pump.

The vacuum pump has a blade rotor assembly mounted on a shaft with side plates for pump sealing, which sucks the air from inside the Mill/Extruder and expels it to the atmosphere through outlet piping.

Some pumps use water and others use oil as vacuum sealing fluid.

For liquid-ring pumps (which uses water as vacuum sealing fluid), it is recommended to install a water cooling tower, as the water temperature determines the pump efficiency in vacuum generation.