On November 4, 1904, the Italian immigrant Carlo Bonfanti founded his company in the city of Leme – SP, manufacturing transport vehicles of that time.

By 1924, the small company already had a foundry and had over 30 employees.

In the 1940s, Leme was a strong ceramic pole and, as a result, Mecânica Bonfanti S/A began manufacturing machinery and equipment for the Structural Red Ceramic Industry. In the 1950s, particularly the manufacturing of the first vacuum extruders.

In 1970, the company diversified products, looking for a new area of expertise. Thus, it began manufacturing machinery and equipment for the rubber industry for tire and plastic through license agreements with international partners. After
several years of experience, it has developed its technology in the field of equipment for the rubber and polymer industry in general.

In the mid-1990s, it was necessary to expand and modernize the industrial facilities of Mecânica Bonfanti S/A with the implantation of a new factory near Rodovia Anhanguera, in the city of Leme – SP. This plant houses the company foundry and heavy machining and assembly. Approximately in 2010, Mecânica Bonfanti S/A started manufacturing and trading of ceramic industry automation in Brazil and South America with an international partnership.

Exporting for over 60 years and under the direction of the Bonfanti family, Mecânica Bonfanti S/A has a modern industrial park and a specialized technical team in the areas of ceramics, rubber and foundry.