SINCE 1904

Bonfanti is a family-owned business, was founded in 1904, and has three areas:
– Design and manufacture of complete installations for the structural red clay industry.
– Design and manufacture of machinery and equipment for the rubber and plastic industry.
– Gray cast iron, ductile iron, white cast iron, chilled cast iron, and steel.

Located in the interior of the state of São Paulo, in the city of Leme, near the technological and economic center of the country – the city of São Paulo – and the two largest airports in Brazil: Campinas International Airport, Viracopos, and São Paulo International Airport Governor André Franco Montoro, Guarulhos.

It has more than 200 employees in two production plants with 40,000 m² of covered area, and an engineering team dedicated to providing solutions to customers, working with quality and updated technology. It serves the entire national territory, the Americas and Africa.

Bonfanti uses technological solutions in projects, machinery and equipment, and services.