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The Dosing Feeder was designed to streamline the supply from other machines of production line, ensuring a constant and well dosed flow of clay. Equipment has exceptional robustness and its storage capacity can be increased by adding a wood or metal accessory. It not only regulates the clay feeding process but also offers great labor saving.

When the clay is unloaded into the Dosing Feeder, an internal conveyor belt directs it to the outlet, where an adjustable gate doses its outflow and a shaft equipped with dual cutter shafts assists the clay passage by cutting the clods.
The constant feeding is never interrupted and its speed may be adjusted by means of a regulation switch in the electric panel.

– Reinforced structure;
– Double motorization with one motor applied to conveyor belt drive shaft and other applied to shredder shaft;
– Reducer and motor reducer in easy access position for maintenance purposes;
– Accident risky areas protected in compliance with the safety standards (NR 12).

dosador alimentador

Note: Hourly productions are estimates and refer to wet material weight.
The above indicated productions refer to ideal working conditions, and may vary depending on the characteristics and grain size of processed clays.