Bonfanti began manufacturing machinery and equipment rubber for the industry in 1970 through a technology transfer agreement with Stewart Bolling Co., an American company that had the technology for manufacturing equipment for the rubber industry.

To increase the product portfolio for this industry, in 1990 we sought a new partnership with the Italian company Prodicon, which specializes in rubber cooling equipment always aiming to deliver the highest quality products and solutions, investing in new engineering solutions and international partnerships.

Market leader in Brazil, it serves the tire, vehicle parts, footwear, pharmaceutical, conveyor, camelback and precast industries.

It has a technical staff specialized in rubber production processes – engineering and technical assistance, as well as casting, machining and assembly with a present and partner sales team, and spare parts inventory, ensuring reliability.

We comply with national and international safety standards.

After more than 45 years working and serving the rubber market together with traditional clients of this market, Bonfanti has developed its technology for its line of machinery and equipment.

Bonfanti also produces customized equipment according to customer specifications and drawings.

Bonfanti’s line of machinery and equipment consists of:

  • Tangential intensive mixers
  • Interpenetration intensive mixers
  • Double-thread extruder/ roll forming machine set
  • Single and double open mixers (with peripherally drilled cylinders or central chamber)
  • Blenders
  • Rubber blanket and strip coolers
  • Feeding and weighing conveyor
  • Blanket feeders
  • Extruder with hot feed, cold feed, and pinch wheel extruder
  • Roll forming machine: vertical, horizontal, inclined, “L”, “inverted L” and “Z”, with 2, 3 or 4 rolls
  • Drum Coolers
  • Refiner mills
  • Breaker mills
  • Hydraulic hears
  • Automation and control

Services offered by Bonfanti include: installation, commissioning, start-up, training and retrofitting.

Machinery retrofitting: A term used in industries such as engineering to indicate the process of upgrading a machine or equipment that is already obsolete or somehow outdated. It is requested by companies wishing to continue using their reliable equipment, even though they are no longer as fit as most current machines.  Retrofitting enables customers to tailor this equipment so that they can operate with current systems and fulfill processes perfectly.

Bonfanti’s machinery retrofitting benefits ensure: Equipment compliance with new safety standards – Bonfanti complies with Brazilian and international standards, has a lower cost compared to new equipment acquisition, increased productivity and integration of industrial networks, preserving many original features of the equipment by replacing defective parts and components.

Inspection, repair, and replacement of original parts, improvements, and modernization of equipment also meeting safety standards NR 10 and NR 12 through preventive and corrective maintenance services.

Operational training on equipment and analysis of the production process aiming its optimization.

Valuing the smooth operation of machinery and equipment and meeting the needs of its customers, Bonfanti has a technical support team that operates “on-site” or remotely to solve any questions or problems.

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