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Ring Crusher is an equipment indicated to work in clay preparation room, and it must be installed before the Dosing Feeder. The equipment function is to perform the first crushing of large grain size rocks and high compaction, low moisture clods. It is a robust equipment sized to support heavy duty works and simple to operate.

The Ring Crusher consists of three shaft assemblies rotating at distinct speeds, namely one shaft with grinders installed along it aimed to convey and break the clay clods from the feed conveyor, directing such material to the two crusher cylinders located below this set.

The crusher cylinder assemblies are provided with toothed rings built with excellent mechanical resistance for crushing the rock so as to reduce its grain size. The equipment also has scrapers installed below the crusher cylinder assembly with purpose to eliminate the clay and stones that may become trapped between the rings. The equipment is equipped with enclosed nozzle for raw material insertion.

destorroador aneis

Note: Hourly productions are estimates and refer to wet material weight. The above indicated productions refer to ideal working conditions, and may vary depending on the density and grain size of processed clays.