Bonfanti S/A has been concerned about the quality of its products, and in 1950 it launched the first Bonfanti vacuum extruders.

In the 1970s, it began to produce vacuum aggregates, which guarantee a higher quality product.

Over time and due to the need for increased production and continuous improvement, Bonfanti S/A started to offer machinery and equipment with production ranging from approximately 7 ton/ h to 60 ton/ h of wet matter.

In 2002, Bonfanti offered to the market the monoblock extruders, reaching productions ranging from 7 ton/ h to 60 ton/ h. It also started to work in the automation of the entire production process in partnership with an Italian company.

destorroador1 1


destorroador aneis1

Ring Crusher

desintegrador 02


dosador alimentador 01

Dosing Feeder

separador pedras1

Stone Separator

homogenizador 02

Clay Homogenizer

laminador simples 01

Refiner Mill Single Motor

laminador duplo 01

Refiner Mill Dual Motor

misturador delta 01

Delta Horizontal Mixer

misturador horizontal 01

Horizontal Mixer

misturador extrusor 01

Horizontal Mixer Extruder

misturado filtro 01

Horizontal Mixer-Filter

maromba vacuo 01

Vacuum Mill/Extruder

maromba monobloco 01

Monobloc Vacuum Mill/Extruder

maromba hurricane 01

Monobloc Vacuum Mill/Extruder – Hurricane

agregado vacuo 01

Vacuum Aggregate

cortador automatico 01

Automatic Cutter

prensa rotativa 01

Prensa Rotativa

bomba vacuo 2

Vaccum Pump

painel 01

Electric Panel

retificador auto2

Automatic Cylindrical Grinder

retificador manual2

Manual Cylindrical Grinder